Inspire and Impact Your World

Uncover your blocks and get your energy flowing. Performance Energetics provides an approach to optimise you, your performance and your wellbeing. It is a unique method, combining knowledge of mind-body integration and performance psychology. Your mind-body is intelligent, and with some keys to unlock that, you can progress your performance and wellbeing to exciting new realms, quickly and easily.     

I’m Karen Darke, a specialist in Performance and Transformation. For the last 30 years I have learned and practiced in the domains of hypnotherapy, coaching, counselling, sports performance and high performance psychology, and a range of more ‘unusual’ energetic approaches to performance and wellbeing. This has left me passionate and convinced by the impact that ‘Energetics’ can have. 

 I enjoy enabling myself and others to do things we never believed we could, to become someone we never thought possible: to feel better, get unstuck and perform optimally.  It would be my privilege to help support you on your journey.