Performance Energetics is a unique approach to wellbeing, performance and transformation. It enable you to uncover your blocks and get your energy flowing. It may require you to take a paradigm shift, to enter a new way of seeing, being and doing.  

The mind is the operating centre of the body, controlling every function, thought and feeling that we have. It governs how we experience our world. Throughout our lifetime, it develops certain patterns: ways of operating that do not always serve us well and that can limit our potential. 

Performance Energetics works to change these unhelpful patters, and thus break and transform habits, beliefs and ways of operating in the world that have held us back. It’s not about glossing things up, but about opening things up, having a good deep clean into any ‘grime’ and scrubbing it out from within. This is a method that allows you to re-wire your brain and get your body- and life- flow going again. It’s like irrigation for the mind, body ad spirit. It will help you resolve issues, and enable you to get from where you are, to where you want to be and beyond.   

I’m Karen Darke, a specialist in Performance and Transformation. For the last 30 years I have learned and practiced in the domains of hypnotherapy, coaching, counselling, sports performance and high performance psychology, and a range of more ‘unusual’ energetic approaches to performance and wellbeing. This has left me passionate and convinced by the impact that ‘Energetics’ can have. 

 I enjoy enabling myself and others to do things we never believed we could, to become someone we never thought possible: to feel better, get unstuck and perform optimally.  It would be my privilege to help support you on your journey.