I started out writing for fun, or catharsis. I don’t profess to have good grammar or be a great writer, but I love to write. It takes me on interesting journeys. When my body won’t allow me out to play, I take to the written word. I began writing for cathartic reasons, as a means to adapt to the new life I found myself in after becoming paralysed. My first book, ‘If You Fall’, began in this way. In fact, I found my early cathartic words being unexpectedly translated into Japanese, and so my first book was actually published in Japan; so I thought I’d better try and write an English version! ‘If You Fall’ sparked a passion in me for writing , and I was fortunate enough to gain a place on the prestigous Mountain Writing Programme at the Banff Literary Arts Centre in Canada. I am forever grateful for a month of writing to the inspirational backdrop of the Rockies, with two incredible and very experienced tutors and a group of talented aspiring writers. The result was book number two, ‘Boundless’. I think we all have a book in us, and I hope sharing some of my stories is useful or interesting to those of you who choose to read them.

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    A very different book, Boundless is about facing challenges and fear, both in the wilderness and at home. It begins with the story of my biggest physical challenge, a month long journey sit-skiing…

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    Quest 79

    Quest 79 is a collection of short stories from Karen’s experiences in adventure and sport, each with a lesson that she hopes is helpful to anyone looking to optimize their thinking, to live…