Who am I and what is Inspire and Impact about?

Life presents us with a wealth of challenges and opportunities, some chosen and some not. But often, these life-changing experiences can feel difficult to navigate, perhaps overwhelming. We don’t always feel to have the skills we need to ride the rollercoaster that life can be, or achieve the things that we dream of achieving.

My name is Karen Darke. I’ve ridden that rollercoaster myself, from the dips of becoming paralysed in a climbing accident at age 21, to being hit by a car and temporarily losing function in one arm, to various life endangering incidents and medical emergencies, not to mention the other general ‘traumas’ of life with purpose, career, finances and relationships. But I’ve also been lucky to have plenty of peaks on my rollercoaster, from incredible adventures around the world, to success in study, work, and sport, and to becoming Paralympic Champion in hand-cycling. 

I totally understand how challenging the journey can be, and how isolated or lost we can sometimes feel especially at times of change and transition. That’s why I’m dedicating my focus now, to using all my skills and experience to support others through challenge, change, and transition. 

I’ve come to realise that our biggest obstacles are those that we put in our own way. Someone once said to me, “disability is a state of mind not a state of body”, and I believe that’s true: our own thoughts and dialogue can block our way forward.

Our thoughts, our language and our words, have the ability to affect our emotions and actions, and therefore to change our life. If we know how to manage them, then we have the ability to radically change our reality. If we want the life we desire, we have to take responsibility for creating it. 

We have an incredible power within us, to change our feelings, our emotions, our health, our results, our world. 

I’m excited that my journey has brought me to this point. I am here for anyone who is facing challenge, or transition, and needs some support through that process. The tools and ideas I have to share come from years of exploration, study and learning. I will help you connect your ‘head, heart and hands’  and work with your ‘mental, emotional and physical’ wellbeing so that you can get to a healthier, happier place. 

Life is inherently mysterious and our journeys are all unique, but with a few skills, some support and a willingness to adventure within, you may find that impossible things become possible. 

If you’d like to know more, click ‘Join the Adventure’ to participate. I look forward to being your companion on your journey, and to learning with you about how we can make your world, and hence the wider world, a better place.  


To help as many people as possible make their inner and outer worlds a better place.

Belief & Values

We each have enormous potential, and the ability to become our best self: to positively impact our own and our wider world.

I hold and commit to these values:

  • Viewing life as a journey and adventure to learn from
  • Honesty, open-ness and challenge
  • Willingness to step out of comfort zones
  • Self-responsibility and personal leadership
  • Vulnerability and humility
  • Balance and well-being
  • Supporting each other to be our best


To inspire action at the personal level, to make changes to enable more health, happiness and sustainability. With inspiration, belief, and commitment, surprising things are possible. Add to that the support of friends and communities, and watch the near-impossible happen.

Through the ideas, blogs, coaching and workshops that I offer, I hope to provide ideas and inspire action for positive change.

“Someone once said to me, ‘Disability is a state of mind not a state of body.’ That’s a notion that relates to us all, regardless of whether we have a physical disability or not. Our own mind is our biggest obstacle to living and achieving our wildest aspirations. What is life if it isn’t an adventure? I’m constantly amazed by what can be achieved if we set our heart and mind to it. It’s all about finding belief, confidence, motivation and commitment. And of course, friends. Then there are no limits.”

Karen Darke MBE