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From Source to Sea via Me

Riding Australia’s Mighty Murray River

This podcast is thanks to the ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ Award with BBC Radio 4/ The Royal Geographical Society, and was aired on BBC Radio 4. In April 2018, fresh from competing in the para-triathlon at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, I head for the Snowy Mountains and the source of the ‘Mighty’ River Murray. On my handbike I take a journey along its 2000 miles from source to sea. 

Feeling burnt out by the pressure I’ve experienced in pushing myself to achieve, I set off riding alongside the powerful and vulnerable Murray River, hoping to learn from the landscape. I reflect on the challenges facing the river as it flows through drought stricken country and see the river as a metaphor for my own fragility as I contemplate the end of my athletic career. Can something be learned from the river and it’s people about how to maintain the ability to flow and flourish whilst still delivering?

Length: 28 minutes

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