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A very different book, Boundless is about facing challenges and fear, both in the wilderness and at home. It begins with the story of my biggest physical challenge, a month long journey sit-skiing 600km across the wilderness of the Greenland icecap, with my arms as the engine. This was a journey that led to my biggest mental challenge, to return to rock-climbing and a week-long climb suspended on the kilometre-high overhanging face of El Captian in Yosemite National Park, California.

I hope that Boundless isn’t a book about expedition heroics, but one which offers a view of life’s challenges and the profound effects of wilderness. The adventures I write about have shown me just what is possible when we set our heart and mind to something and have the support of good friends and a team. That’s what really enables us to go beyond our previous horizons.

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£17 International

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