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Riding the Ganges

Cycling India’s Sacred Ma Ganga

This podcast is thanks to support from Robertson Homes and editing by Peni Latin. In October 2018, as part of my Quest 79 project, I set out with two good friends, on a trip to follow the sacred waters of the River Ganges from its source near the village of Gangotri high in the Himalaya, to its sacred heart at the ancient city of Varanasi, 1500km downstream.

Christine has never ridden a bike since being a kid, and hated sport most of her life; and Kevin hadn’t towed a trailer loaded full of kit and a wheelchair before, let alone through the Himalaya. It’s a beautiful story of how the bonds of friendship can get you both into, and through, surprising things! Not to mention the mayhem of navigating the throbbing Indian cities of Rishikesh, Haridar, Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi 🙂

Length: 32 minutes

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